Westdeutsche Zeitung gegen Blinde

Ein Blinder wurde vom Westdeutschen Verlag angegangen, weil er - in Übereinstimmung mit dem bulgarischen Urheberrecht - Inhalte für Braille-Geräte (Kommunikationsmittel für Sehbehinderte) bereit gehalten hat. Ilia Bazliancov, CEO von Bulgra Systems, schrieb:

The creator of the website,Victor, who is also blind is supporting it on his own and without any financial profit. Although he removes the texts in question, he mentions
this case to his friend Dr. Grigor Gatchev, who is recognized translator, an author and well-known blogger. ... On the evening of 14th of May Dr. Grigor Gatchev writes about the story in details in his personal blog and hundreds of people express their righteous outrage towards the immoral behavior of the financially strong publishing house. ...Publishing house ‘Trud’ [Westdeutsche Tochter] is furious and wants revenge contacting the main department for combating organized crime to demand the closure of the website although the texts in question are long gone.

Blog der Bulgarier.