Getting used to abuse

EPO examiner Dr. Clara Neppel explains in that www2006 powerpoint presentation how the EPO examines "CII" and business methods applications and gives a few examples. E.g.

Method for purchasing and payment of goods and services, preferably audio and/or video data provided on a provider's platform in a computer network, like the Internet,
comprising the steps:
- taking a customer's order for goods and services,
preferably an order for audio and/or video data files;
- providing a download of ordered goods and services,
preferably of audio and/or video data files, for the customer;
- debiting a mobile telephone account of the customer.

No, it is not the software patent of the month. It is a new EPO communication style: be blunt.

It is also very intresting to watch in the presentation what is considered to be "technical". It demonstrates that the current interpretation of "technical" is inacceptable. We know that for a while but it is always difficult to get demonstrated why certain patents are no examiner mistakes but result from the current ruleset. I feel that open communication could shift the debate from examiner criticism to improving substantive rules. We have been advocating this for years but media still criticises the examiners who just apply the rules.

Here the EPO gets straight to the point. Bluntness directed to get audiences used to abuse.