Trolle neutralisieren?

Eine neue Konferenz im Mai in San Francisco:

Corporate Counsel's Guide to Software Patents Developing strategy, drafting & prosecuting applications, and safeguarding your property

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 to Thursday, May 25, 2006
Grand Hyatt Hotel, San Francisco, CA , United States

When it comes to software patenting, it's an uphill battle for any IP counsel. The patent process is long and the patent generally doesn't outlast the short lifespan of the software, bringing into question a patent's whole economic worth. Deciphering which legal issues apply to software is a question that has not yet been sorted through, and no court has ever decisively held what constitutes a patentable software invention. And drafting the patent application and pushing it through the archaic channels of the PTO process can prove to be laborious and frustrating.


With the software patent industry seemingly in chaos and virtually no one stepping to the forefront for guidance, American Conference Institute has assembled the Corporate Counsel's Guide to Software Patents, a forum offering a unifying strategy to clarify the patent process and show how all these apparently distinct issues are connected. Some of the major tools this ACI conference offers include how to:
* Neutralize patent trolls' methods, motivations, and reasons for being

My opinion was that the US patent reform debate needs better guidance. So I am surprised that this is not my personal view:
no one stepping to the forefront for guidance

We know how to solve the mess but we don't have the ressources right now to join the US debate. So it will be up to the Americans to make up their own minds.