Mike Sax is back

Reuters wrote: "Microsoft claims EU breakthrough, rivals sceptical
Fri Mar 31, 2006 2:59 PM ET"

Microsoft was not without its supporters at the hearing.

The Association for Competitive Technology,..., said the Commission's demands were unreasonable. "As a software engineer with 12 years of experience ... I know that search for perfect documentation is a search for the Holy Grail," said ACT's president, Mike Sax. "It is equally true that perfect documentation has never been necessary to create interoperable software," he said.

... oh well ...

I remember another EU hearing with Mike Sax and observers from the Commission's DG Competition in the audience. Here is a little piece I found, written by Mike Sax, about the history of ACT. Jonathan Zuck is probably the best known representative of ACT.

The current state of Microsoft public affairs at the EU is a horrible mess, an intercultural clash so to speak. Either a complete loss of reality or a weird strategy to win support of DG Competition by not listening to blunt messages between the lines. What a good idea to get the US embassy involved as Reuters reported... tse, tse. And now a "breakthrough" is announced as they still mistake the EU for a bazaar trade. But who knows...