Horns vs. Pieter Hintjens

My favourite patent attorney on the blog, Mr. PA Horns, reviews an article by Pieter.

But what about the "total, unshakeable, systematic conviction that they are on the side of right" of those anti-patent activists?

Perhaps it the waiver of cheap propaganda as it is not needed. Horns insults Pieter and others as an "anti-patent activists" and continues ad hominem:

Do you want to see any substantial political influence or power handed over to guys who are proponents of some total and unshakable conviction not only in questions concerning first principles of our western industrialised societies but also concerning very particular questions of how to implement sector-specific laws?

Pieter is a business man, but perhaps policy makers should better listen to patent attorneys when they implement sector-specific law? Who knows. At least Horns rant demonstrates that Pieter's posting was straight to the point. Or as he originally wrote:

There is something about working with brilliant individuals who have a total, unshakeable, systematic conviction that they are on the side of right. You can't buy them, you can't bully them. Every threat just makes them more stubborn. Every underhand manoever makes them more angry.

And regarding the rhetorical question I must add that lack of confidence is always dangerous for advocacy. This is one reason why it is important to be honest, because you often cannot bear the total costs of ownership of a lie. In many fields of professionalism people are forced to advocate positions which are not based on their own convictions and they perform poorly.

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