Painting Chevrolets

Sam Hiser wrote:
Getting Microsoft software licenses OSI-approved and similarly getting Microsoft's proprietary document formats approved at ISO are like painting an old Chevrolet. But that's all they think they need in the enterprise...

What's wrong about reuse? VML is part of the specification but not specified? No problem, VML would be part of the standard. In 1998 it got rejected by W3C. Time to get it ISO stamped.

Some persons actually like mature cars. Most user won't mind Office Open XML's ugly design. But now its the time for technical objections of ISO members. A standardization process is about filing objections and sorting things out. There is no such thing as a support campaign for a standard proposal or a campaign to ignore comments. It was only invented recently.

Microsoft's open source licenses look good and fresh.

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Sam hat gesagt…

Old cars are nice, but not when they are passed off as this year's model.