Karl Fogel on FAQs

A bad Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet is one that is composed not of the questions people actually asked, but of the questions the FAQ's author wished people had asked. Perhaps you've seen the type before:
Q: How can I use Glorbosoft XYZ to maximize team productivity?
A: Many of our customers want to know how they can maximize productivity
through our patented office groupware innovations. The answer is simple: first,
click on the “File” menu, scroll down to “Increase Productivity”,
The problem with such FAQs is that they are not, in a literal sense, FAQs at all. No one ever
called the tech support line and asked, “How can we maximize productivity?”. Rather, people
asked highly specific questions, like, “How can we change the calendaring system to send re-
minders two days in advance instead of one?” and so on. But it's a lot easier to make up ima-
ginary Frequently Asked Questions than it is to discover the real ones.

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