OOXML struggle gets productive

Brian Jones puts forward some arguments against ODF. Format flamewars and analysis is very important on the technologist side. People get religious about documents formats. Their teachings improve. Criticism helps to resolve bugs. Hmm.

It's interesting to see the varying emotions people have had in reaction to the standardization of the Office Open XML formats. It was obviously an immense amount of work, and it resulted in a 6,000 page standard. As you all know by now, the reason there was so much information in the specification was that we absolutely had to ensure that all the information people currently had in their existing set of Office binary documents could be ported over into the new format (with no loss).

Users really don't care. It just needs to work. Technologists don't care, it just needs to interoperate. However, for developers there is a clear difference between a pragmatic technical description and insubstancial lengthy documentation. Hire experienced professors and they would extent it to 20 000 pages for you. quis leget haec