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EU Commissioner Margot Wallström introduces a new policy style of the European Commission. She is the first Commissioner with a webblog. It is amazing to see these internet tools embraced by her. I am convinced that the internet and Webblogs in particular are a great tool to reduce power distance, improve transparency and flow of information and get those unknown Commissioners introduced to a wider audience. We have to change the undemocratic diplomacy style of the EU with its baseless talks about general agendas (*). A German proverb says: "Public attention is the death of the King". While Sweden is still a monarchy their high transparency standards are a great cultural advantage which give citizens a greater say. Wallström is Commisioner for "Institutional Relations and Communication". Barroso created this post in order to improve the way they communicate 'Europe' to citizens. Unfortunately such a communication job has a bad reputation, just think of the unpolitical Europe Information Centers and EU-funded Initiatives which hand over blue ballons to children: Europe from above. You cannot communicate your European interests to press speakers and information campaigns. Wallström takes her job serious and could make a difference.

(*) It was amazing to me to listen to recording of Charlie McCreevy's pathetic speech at the Judicial Affairs Committee (2005-02-02) . A great classical rhetorical failure. The new Commissioner provoked a working group of EU-Parliament with a cloudy talk and faced substancial criticism.

It is a pleasure for me to be here today before the Legal Affairs Committee. This is my first time. And I hope that I will be invited back – not once, but many times. Your committee is at the heart of my work as Commissioner responsible for the internal market and services. It has been some two months since I started as Internal Market Commissioner. It is a fascinating job and I am learning every day. Without pretending that I know it all, let me offer you some initial views as to how I see the future of the Internal Market over the next few years, in particular in the areas you are responsible for, company law and intellectual property.

First, we must place greater emphasis on correct implementation and effective application of Internal Market rules. Legislating is not just about making laws – it is about making laws work.

The main paradoxon of parliamentarism: Parliament is not a debate club as critics say. In dictatorships with no working Parliament representatives of the executive branch usually hold broad and cloudy talks about "humanity" and high moral values while slaughtering people or doing nothing to improve living conditions.

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