Sarkozy letter regarding Amendment 138 written by Henrard?

Benjamin analysed the respective letter that was sent by Sarkozy to Barroso.

$ pdfinfo Lettre_Barroso.pdf
Title: Cabinet de la ministre
Author: Olivier HENRARD
Creator: Writer
Producer: OpenOffice.org 2.2
CreationDate: Sun Oct 5 12:11:58 2008
Tagged: no
Pages: 2
Encrypted: no
Page size: 595 x 842 pts (A4)
File size: 45386 bytes
Optimized: no
PDF version: 1.4

He seems to be the author of the letter that had so embarrassing consequences for the French presidency: Olivier Henrard. But it only means that the PDF was generated with OpenOffice, it does not say anything about the original software used to write the letter. As the OSOR pointed out the French ministry of culture uses OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Office. OpenOffice has a pdf export functionality. Writer is the word processing component.

Others mention that the EU press release disappeared but it is still available via a direct link.