Wikipedia fundraising with CiviCRM

Wikipedia started a fundraiser a few days ago. Dieter told me they were using CiviCRM.

Fundraising C.O.R.E connects to the CiviCRM data tables as the source of data. CiviCRM in turn gets its data from the PayPal and Moneybookers synchronization engines we manage. Finally, we're using i18n for internationalization.

One of the Wikipedia donators put forward a fruitful remark:

It's so sad in 120 years everyone alive today 2006/12/21 would be dead, hopfully Wikepedia would still be here.

The new Wikipedia fundraising effort is quite a success, cmp. 2005Q4 figures.

For sustainable services is not enough to provide an excellent plattform. You need good fundraising procedures. It seems to me CiviCRM manages to fill that tools gap.