GEMA or Freedom lost for authors.

GEMA Eigenpräsentation or Lost Freedom of authors. Musicians who are member of the German music rights trust GEMA would have to pay GEMA for offering their very own works online, provided on the internet as a free stream. Works for which the Berne convention grants their creators all rights. "All right, but since you are member to our rightsholder association your rights belong to us." But GEMA is so kind to its authors, it takes away their duty. That grace is tied to some bureaucratic restrictions:
* time limit: Dec 31, 2007
* stream offered royality-free
* website must be "registered" at GEMA
* no direct or indirect e-Commerce (e.g. selling your CDs online not permitted)
* You have to add a lengthy disclaimer which explains that there is a copyright law. You as the author should declare that you reserve your rights and no other use should be legitimate without permission from... you, the author?? No: GEMA: „Es gelten die Vorschriften des deutschen Urheberrechts in seiner jeweiligen Fassung. Alle Rechte der Urheber an den geschützten Werken, die auf der Website enthalten sind, bleiben vorbehalten. Ohne ausdrückliche Genehmigung durch die GEMA darf eine weitergehende Nutzung der Werke, über das Anhören der eingestellten Musikwerke hinaus, nicht erfolgen.“

I really wonder how strong authors are within an author's rights association which imposes conditions like these on its members. I feel these GEMA restrictions are contra bones mores and expropriate authors of their works protected under the Berne Convention. I recommend affected musicians to ask institutions responsible about their opinion.