IPRED2: Schrille Töne von Prof. David

Die IPRED2 ist kein besonders gelungenes Beispiel für einen guten EU-Legislativvorschlag. Prof. Paul A. David aus Oxford schlägt bei der Europäischen Patentorganisation schrille Töne über IPRED2 (offiziell Com(2006) 168 bzw. 2005/0127 COD) an, Kostprobe:

The framers of this [IPRED2] proposal appear to be committed to ensuring the sanctity of property rights, treating patents and other intellectual property as "absolute property" rather than a species of (conditional) economic subsidy that has been instituted to achieve desirable societal purposes through the promotion of invention and innovation. It is truly difficult to think of any other single step in the patent regime's evolution that could have more adverse effects on the future vitality of technological innovation and long-term economic growth in Europe. This recommendation clearly passes the basic test for "policy fanaticism" – fanatics being people who, having lost sight of the original objective, redouble their efforts.