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Parlamente sind merkwürdig und immer für Überraschungen gut. Unter dem Berichterstatter Pilar del Castillo Vera wurde das folgende heute im Europaparlament verabschiedet.

P6_TA-PROV(2006)0301 More research and innovation - investing for growth and employment (A6-0204/2006 - Rapporteur: Pilar del Castillo Vera)Committee on Industry, Research and Energy PE 370.183

European Parliament resolution on implementing the Community Lisbon Programme: more research and innovation - investing for growth and employment: A common approach (2006/2005(INI))

The European Parliament,

13. Stresses the importance of promoting the integration of products, processes and knowledge-based services and the introduction of different support systems into non-technological sectors; draws attention in this connection to the fact that non-technological innovation also encompasses social innovation and institutional innovation;

17. Urges Member States to create an innovation-friendly market for citizens and businesses, ensuring better regulation, standards, public procurement and intellectual property rights; urges the Commission to provide information on the protection of the intellectual property rights;

18. Takes note of the Commissions' view that the EU must acquire a cost-effective, legally watertight and user-friendly system of intellectual property protection so as to attract technologically advanced companies; considers that the protection of intellectual property must not interfere with open access to public goods and public knowledge; urges the Commission to promote a socially inclusive knowledge-based society by supporting, for example, free and open source software and licensing concepts like the General Public License (GPL) and the Public Documentation Licence (PDL);

24. Notes the need for a Community patent and trademark, and for improved reciprocity between the European, United States' and Japanese patent systems; stresses that an integrated Community patent system based on democratic legal standards must be part of an innovation strategy, in which it is essential to ensure a balance between protection of industrial property, dissemination of technical knowledge and free and unrestricted competition; underlines that the purpose of the protection provided by a patent is the safeguarding of an invention and not the controlling of market sectors;

25. Asks the Council to end the stalemate over the proposed Community patent as far as the language regime is concerned;