Adamczak applies for WIPO revolution

by Dr. Alicja Adamczak

Intellectual Property today is facing a crisis of trust and is affected by multiple tensions. So is the World Intellectual Property Organization. [she links the recent WIPO corruption scandal to a general mistrust, AR]A crisis of identity, of morale, of confidence. Numerous challenges, unanswered questions, unsolved conflicts, rising doubts have led to an institutional and political crisis. [true, AR] There is no winner in such a situation. We are all on the losing side: creators, innovators, businesses, Member States, civil society and consumers. It is said that the fundamental system of protection of IPRs has spiraled out of control [!], and does not meet the concerns and needs of most of us anymore.
This is true. Therefore, it is up to us today to define a new approach for IP. An innovative and proactive option which integrates principles and values such as integrity, professionalism, respect for diversity, balance, transparency, participation, independence, creativity, openness to new alternatives and to development, etc.

I wonder if that really fits into the technocratic spirit of the institution? The insightful word of the Polish applicant is of course "control".