Allison Crowe and Social Web Media

Canada Blognation:

One of my favourite singers is Allison Crowe, her voice is amazing and ethereal. Her piano skill … is just breath-taking. After hearing her in concert, I introduced her to the folks at Pandora and they must have liked her, but I think they added most of her collection at the time. In the meantime, she’s started a podcast and has a lot (maybe all) of her songs available on her site. Listen to them, you won’t be disappointed.

Allison Crowe is an extraordinary talent. Schnulz trifft Kunst! Art@music is when you sustain listening to Kitsch. She gets everything right. Great Artist. Also in the Web 2.0 (blame Tim O'Reilly who coined that phrase). Canada blognation makes some very good points. Crowe became a sample how internet social networks promote quality. Her website offers video and audio streams, lyrics, even sheets, she runs her own podcast, I am amazed.



The Web ensures that people get what they really want: German Kids and Naked News and Allison Crowe. I wonder why public television broadcast content is not legally provided by our public broadcasters. The web harvests it anyway. After all its paid and decays in the archives.