WIPO and scissors

In December I made a presentation at Eupaco-0 conference about developments on WIPO grounds. I explained UN diplomacy with a simple scheme: Rock, Scissors, Paper. The essence of diplomacy is to beat rock with paper. Scissors are missing on diplomatic grounds. In a democratic Parliament or in an Open Society it's simultanious RSP.

What ever you think about WIPO, the Broadcast meeting was very entertaining, from Gwen's notes:

Then next question will be, put forward earlier by delegations, what is exactly the broadcast? Should we define "the broadcast" and how should it be tackled?
Should we protect it?

Ah non! And a non-blog comments
Apparently, there was a "non-slide" presentation about the objectives of the proposed treaty. And some "non-conclusions."

Another Blog:
The chair did not want "too many to speak" but had to let India make its statement. ... People here are puzzled. If you only point to agreement (on or off the record it seems), the non-conclusions might end up very very short. Would that mean that this meeting did not really happen? Like a non-meeting?

Scissors beat paper. Don't forget that. The old proposal is dead and now became a zombie. Time to put forward an industry&civsoc alternative proposal together.